Linda Renee Scott

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage and Pain

Many people have turned to prescription opioids to address their pain relief, which carry a serious risk of addiction, abuse, and overdose.

Massage therapy is a safe option that has shown to be effective for many health issues, including:

Low-Back Pain Fibromyalgia Post-Operative Pain Cancer Patients Arthritis

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Many studies indicate massage can provide benefits similar to psychotherapy for certain conditions.

Research also shows that massage can provide relief for various mental health issues, including:

Seasonal Affective Disorder

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 Massage and Pregnancy

Massage therapy is a low-risk, non-pharmacological intervention that has shown many benefits for pregnant women and their infants in recent studies.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy include:

Alleviating back and leg pain
Reducing labor pain during childbirth Lessening postoperative pain

Reducing anxiety and stress Easing insomnia page1image508631408 page1image508631712

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